From NASA-made foundations to freckle pens, there’s never a shortage of weird and wonderful new launches in the beauty industry.

But the latest – make-up made from paper – may just be the most intriguing to hit the shelves yet. They may look like blotting paper but these new foundation, highlighter and blush papers from Mai Couture are tipped to be the next big thing in beauty. The light sheets, which cost £12.50 for £50, are infused with color for base, lips, cheeks and eyes. The makers encourage you to simply press and sweep the paper over your face and then blend it to finish the look. ‘Tear a sheet from the booklet (one sheet is enough for both cheeks) then gently rub the colored side of the paper in a semi-circular motion up the apples of the cheeks. For added depth of color, repeat motion with added pressure. Discard after each use,’ read the blusher’s instructions.

Learn more about Mai Couture’s products by heading over to Daily Mail UK for the full article.

Is PAPER make-up the next big thing in beauty?

So you want to know how this makeup works? Check out some of these awesome paper makeup products below:

1. Foundation

Nordstrom Perfect for both the face and body and great on all skin tones, Mai Couture Highlighter Papier adds beautifully flawless luminosity hygienically and easily while letting you travel light. It’s time to say goodbye to messy brushes or things shattering in your bag.

Mai Couture Highlighting Paper

2.  Paper Blush

Apply your blush without a brush, just like a flapper girl. Gatsby-era beauties flushed their faces with rouge papers, and you can get a gorgeous glow with this Blush Papier from Mai Couture. Rub or pat these sheets on your cheeks. They’re also perfect for girls on the go. 

Mai Couture Blush Papier, $17.50, available atNordstrom. Mai Couture Blush Powder

3. Paper Foundation!?

via Mai Couture and Refinery 29 Yes, it’s real…and it’s awesome. Never have a mishap with your foundation again! Lazy girls of the world, rejoice! If the thought of applying serums and BB creams makes you want to hit the snooze button, Mai Couture might be more your speed. These pretty products manage to pack foundation, blush, and bronzer into sets of blotting papers that you can easily tuck into any purse, wristlet, or clutch, giving you no excuse not to boost your glam factor. Mai Couture Paper Foundation Sheets


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Originally posted on September 2, 2014 @ 9:56 PM