I love Korean makeup and skin care. I think they’re one of the best in the world. Are you interested to learn about Korean makeup? Why not pause from your regular makeup routine and find out more about Korean beauty today! Here’s a list of our favorite Korean makeup tutorials you’ll fall in love with!

Korean Makeup Tutorials You’d Want to Bookmark Now


1. Everyday Look | Korean Makeup Tutorials

The basic rule of Korean makeup is to make it look natural and simple. This is called the no-makeup makeup look. Still, hints of colors look good too as it is brightening. Koreans are into their everyday natural makeup because it emphasizes their beautiful and flawless skin! This Korean makeup tutorial from the ever popular PONY is definitely the look you can start with.

2. Glam Smokey | Korean Makeup Tutorials


Got a party or formal occasion coming soon? This soft smokey makeup is definitely worth trying! Purple hair is not a requirement and so are contact lenses. Yet if you want to, then go for it! Koreans wear contact lenses a lot because it helps emphasize their gorgeous eyes.

3. Peach Makeup | Korean Makeup Tutorials


What a fitting makeup tutorial we have here. Peach is spring and summer’s go-to color when it comes to makeup. And we’re loving this Korean peach makeup! Korean girls love pastels. They are into peaches and pinks in their makeup look because it goes well with their porcelain skin.

4. Edgy Grunge Makeup| Korean Makeup Tutorials


Feeling adventurous tonight? Or maybe, you’re going to a concert soon? Rock this edgy grunge Korean look with Korean street-style outfits. This makeup look goes easy on the eyes and draws all the attention to the lips. I love love love the blue muted lipstick but I think dark muted purple will work too. As what SiChen said, “if you want to look cute and badass,” then this is the look to try!

Koreans also love their perfect cat eye eyeliner, like this one here!

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5. Bright Lips | Korean Makeup Tutorials


Although Koreans like minimalist makeup, they are also not afraid to try bright lips. This makeup look is versatile as it looks beautiful day or night. Put on a bright red lippy for a bolder look for a night out!

6. Gradient Lips | Korean Makeup Tutorial


The two-tone or gradient lip originated from South Korea. You use two different but complementing tones of lip color. The outer part of your lips should be of a lighter color while gradually going darker in the middle. There are a lot of techniques you can try to get this look but if you’re after a lightweight and more natural look, use a lip tint for the perfect gradient lips. Also, if you are always on the go, you can just buy a gradient lipstick.

7. Dewy Skin | Korean Makeup Tutorials


While American makeup is more about the matte finish, Korean makeup is about the dewy finish. Dewy makeup recreates the perfect healthy skin look. And since we all do not wake up with perfectly healthy-looking skin (maybe the Koreans do), but at least we can try and make our skin appear that way…all thanks to Korean cosmetics!

8. Straight Brows | Korean Makeup Tutorials


Another huge difference between Western and Korean makeup is the eyebrows. Western makeup is all about the high arch eyebrows, while Korean makeup likes straight brows. What? Straight brows? Yes! It actually looks good on Koreans and gives the innocent look too! For Koreans, it’s more natural-looking this way. Want to give it a try?

9. Glass Skin Makeup | Korean Makeup Tutorials


I like how Koreans are so passionate with their skincare regimen. Their efforts are visible through their porcelain skin but it’s even more emphasized with the newest Korean beauty trend which is the glass skin. Well, if the 10-step Korean skincare routine is hard to do, we can at least try the Korean glass skin makeup look without spending too much on Korean beauty products.

10. Sensual Eyeshadow | Korean Makeup Tutorials


Just like Western makeup, Korean makeup has its own norm. Korean women love experimenting with makeup looks. This time, it’s with eyeshadows! In fact, Korean brands are launching gorgeous eyeshadow palettes left and right. Perhaps this soft yet sensual glam eye makeup is one of the Korean beauty trends to try this year.

11. Monotone Makeup | Korean Makeup Tutorials


One of the latest Korean beauty trends this year is the monotone makeup. Korean girls have definitely expanded the Korean makeup scene. From the no-makeup makeup look, we now have a bolder pop of color. It still remains simple and almost natural which is what South Korea is known for.


Want to master your Korean makeup look? Check out this fun video of the do’s and don’ts of Korean makeup from TheBeautyBreakdown:

It’s interesting to know about the Korean makeup trends. You learn a lot about the culture and the people. It just seems like the makeup artistry world in South Korea just got a lot bigger and I cannot be more than happy with it. Learning different techniques through different cultures is always a welcomed joy. So I hope you enjoy learning more about Korean makeup and have fun recreating these cute and pretty looks!

Which Korean look from this list is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on August 4, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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